Aroused AF Cream For Him & Her

Aroused AF Cream For Him & Her

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Aroused AF stimulation intensifier is specially formulated for both him and her.

Aroused AF will intensify sexual enjoyment for that next-level sexual play.

Apply it generously to the clitoris and labia approximately 3-5 minutes prior to engaging in sexual activity. As things warm up, so will you!

Aroused AF produces a gentle, tingling sensation in and around the genital area, which adds to the stimulation and excitement of contact, whether you're playing solo or with your partner.

This cream, and all its body-safe ingredients enhance your response to stimulus.

What were pleasant sensations become exhilarating, and the intensity of orgasm multiplies several times over.

This does not only benefit women, but by contact transference during sexual activity, it also adds significantly to a man's enjoyment..

Make sure your next romantic interlude includes Aroused AF for sex that is FUN AF!

Tube contains 1.5 fl.oz (43 mL)

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