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Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation


Our most popular Satisfyer model is the classic Satisfyer Pro 2 (Next Generation) and you can get it at Naughty Alice for the best price in Australia! It guarantees explosive pleasure sensations due to its innovative pressure wave stimulation. It has 11 programs (intensities and patterns), and this high-tech toy offers Satisfyer's famous contact-free enjoyment, which can be experienced everywhere and anywhere thanks to...

Adam & Eve Eve's Tightening Gel Adam & Eve Eve's Tightening Gel

Adam & Eve Eve's Tightening Gel


- Vaginal tightening gel - Active natural ingredients refresh & invigorate - Tightens and sensitises for that first time feel - Heightens pleasure for you and your partner

Satisfyer Layon - Sweet Temptation (Pink)


Bright, fresh, and unbelievably sweet - that's the Satisfyer Sweet Temptation! This pleasure-bringer will satisfy you like a cool sundae on a hot summer's day and sate your cravings. The unique ice cream waffle design and generous rotational power of this lay-on vibrator in medical-grade silicone will make it the visual highlight of your toy collection, but that’s not all...

Rock Candy Suga Stick


As part of the ''Sweet Spot'' Collection, the Rock Candy© Sugar Stick© is a one-of-a-kind treat that will ignite a head-to-toe sugar high all night long! This delicious design features a sugar ball shape that pinpoints magnified vibrations to any erogenous sweet spot. The powerful vibrations are channeled through the wand handle and into the ball, resulting in a titillating...

Rock Candy Swirls


As part of the ''Sweet Spot'' Collection, the Rock Candy© Swirls© vibrator is a deliciously curvaceous vibrator featuring silky soft pleasure swirls from base to tip. This thoughtfully-engineered twisty treat serves up intense vibrations and pinpointed pleasure, effortlessly stimulating every erogenous sweet spot from head to toe. The cleverly crafted tip is the cherry on top, contoured for precise clitoral...

Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration


Heat things up with the Satisfyer men Heat Vibration: its innovative warming function gives you an ultra-realistic feeling of pleasure that you have never experienced with any toy before now. In combination with its sensual vibration settings, this masturbator will have you so enchanted that you won't be able to put it down. No man should miss out on this!...