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Bedroom Products - Last Delay Spray (5 Pack) Bedroom Products - Last Delay Spray (5 Pack)

Bedroom Products - Last Delay Spray (5 Pack)


LAST is a rapid-acting male delay spray, ideal for stamina control or any marathon romp in the sheets. This odourless and colourless ejaculation spray contains a 100% vegan formula. Each discreet bottle contains 36 sprays, helping you stay in the moment longer during intercourse or foreplay. Feel free to experiment with orgasm control during solo masturbation, perfecting your ideal performance...

Awaken Stimulating Gel for Women


The clitoris is a powerful organ of sexual pleasure; and although it has more than 8,000 sensory nerve endings-more than any other part of the human body, sometimes a little extra stimulation is all that's needed to push you over the edge. Awaken Clitoral Massage Gel has been created to heighten sensitivity and enhance libido with a finely crafted herbal...

Adam & Eve Clit Sensitiser Gel


Heighten her passion and pleasure with just a dab of this fruity gel that is specially formulated to increase clitoral sensitivity and induce more intense orgasms! For 'me time' or with a partner, a dime-sized application is all she needs to climb to bed-shaking heights of ecstasy, thanks to ingredients that increase blood flow and nerve sensitivity. Kissable and lickable,...

Bedroom Products - Climax For Her (2 Pack) Bedroom Products - Climax For Her (2 Pack)

Bedroom Products - Climax For Her (2 Pack)


Scientifically designed to enhance stimulation for her, this arousal gel is formulated to complement your talents. Applied externally during foreplay or intercourse, CLIMAX will help her get in the mood, heighten existing sensations, and intensify female orgasms. This kissable, vegan formula combines Vitamin E and natural flavours for an even sweeter ride. Simple and effective, CLIMAX effortlessly invites an extra...

Relax - Anal Relaxer Relax - Anal Relaxer

Relax - Anal Relaxer


Get ready for anal fun! This innovative water-based formula delicately warms and relaxes anal muscles for easy entry. Perfect for both men and women alike, RELAXT Anal Relaxer boasts a natural formula that helps prepare for an enjoyable anal experience. Proudly Made in America. - Delicately Warms Ands Relaxes Muscles For Easy Entry - Helps Prepares For An Enjoyable Anal...

GoodHead Deep Throat Spray GoodHead Deep Throat Spray

GoodHead Deep Throat Spray


Go down easier. GoodHead Deep Throat Spray mildly numbs the back of the throat and suppresses the gag reflex to allow deep oral penetration without discomfort. This functional, flavourful spray is formulated for minimal medicinal taste and maximum effect in a variety of mouthwatering flavours. - Delicious Throat Desensitizer - Helps Minimise Gag Reflex - Mild Numbing Agent - Freshens...

Girlgasm Girlgasm



Make the most of your Sexual Experience! GirlGasm vaginal arousal cream will make you feel more excited and aroused while also increasing wetness and pleasure for both you and your lover. For your next sexual encounter try GirlGasm!

GoodHead Tingle Drops GoodHead Tingle Drops

GoodHead Tingle Drops


Tingling, tantalising sensations and three delicious flavours enhance your oral play in this three-piece set of GoodHead Tingle Drops. The tastes of smooth French Vanilla, sugary Cotton Candy, and juicy Sweet Cherry are packed into 30 ml. dropper bottles of these oral sex enhancers formulated to create a cool tingling sensation on contact. - 28g Travel-Friendly Bottles - Creates Pleasurable...

Plump Plump



Formulated to help men look their best, Plump is an enhancing gel that helps increase blood flow to the penis, which makes for a thicker, larger look and feel. To make use of this odourless, tasteless, natural-ingredient infused gel, just spread a generous amount to the penis, rubbing thoroughly into the tissue. - Enhances Thickness And Size - Intensifies Pleasure...

Ero Stimulating Clitoris Cream


Intensify your climax with these stimulating and exciting products. You can use them to make your love life even more intense.

Adam & Eve Tightening Serum


Feel tighter, more sensitive, and enjoy more satisfying sex with this moisturising vaginal tightening cream. - Tightens & moisturises vaginal tissue on contact - Active natural ingredients - Heightens sexual pleasure - Safe for daily use - Toy & condom safe - No-drip pump applicator

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