Satisfyer Loveballs 3 Pc Training Set Review

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I'm not going to lie, I was so excited when Satisfyer bought out a range of Kegel Balls! Kegel Balls, Loveballs, Jingle Balls, Ben Waa balls have been around for quite some time and there are loads on the market to choose from. But what I love about the Satisfyer range (on first glance) is:

  • the Satisfyer Loveballs are a system, which means you can train your pelvic floor gradually.
  • they are in super cute bright colours
  • the balls are shaped well, they look comfortable and easy to insert.

I Have To Confess

I am among the 1 in 3 Australian women that experience pelvic floor dysfunction. (It's going to happen after having 5 kids ;)) I occasionally suffer from a weak bladder. Especially at night time, when I'm all comfy in bed and I have to get up to pee several times before I can fully relax and sleep. I have to hold on tight when I sneeze to stop the little leaks and jumping on a trampoline is a no go! ... you're reading this so you probably know what I'm talking about :P

So naturally when I saw the Satisfyer Loveballs, I had to have them and try them for myself and I have been very impressed.

What You Get

The Training Set consists of three weighted balls.

They are 3.4cm in diameter and 17.6cm in length (including the cord)

The Blue Regular Balls weigh 60g
The Pink Skilled Balls weigh: 75.6g
The Red Advanced Balls weigh: 91.6g

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The Loveballs are made from body safe silicone and contain stainless steel balls inside them. They are 100% waterproof making them super easy to clean with some mild soap and water or your favourtie toy cleaner.


They come in simple packaging (Satisfyer's style) and include an illustrated instructions leaflet.

Testing The Satisfyer Loveballs

I tested the blue balls (LOL) first and did a bit of housework (TIP - you need to be standing up in order to allow gravity to do its thing and if you're walking around you get the added advantage of feeling the little metal balls moving around) I found the blue regular balls to be comfortable and held them in place easily for the full 15 minutes they advise to use them.

Feeling a little over confident, the next day I moved up to the Pink Balls, these were a bit more of a challenge and my girly bit's ego took a blow. I had to really concentrate and keep everything tight down there to keep them in position for the full 15 minutes, so I knew this was the level I needed to continue to work on.

Here's my tips for getting the most out of your Loveballs Training set -

  • Use a little water-based lubricant to insert them.
  • Start with the lightest one, and wear it for approximately 15 minutes. When you can wear it comfortably with no effort, move up to the next level.
  • You can do the suggested orgasm training exercises on the leaflet or you could wear them while you do some house work.
  • I wouldn't recommend wearing them out of the house unless you know you can handle the weight. You don't want them to slip down all of a sudden and have to start walking like a duck :P

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I really love these Loveballs, they are easy to use, easy to clean and I love that I can work my pelvic floor muscles using the 3 different levels of balls. (Once you get past this level, you can also level up to the Advanced Set). Overall, a great product at an affordable price. I highly recommend the Satisfyer Loveballs Training Set to anyone with pelvic floor dysfunction or anyone who just wants to have bigger, better orgasms.... and who doesn't right?!?! ;)

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