SEX TOY 101 - Sex Toy Safety

SEX TOY 101 - Sex Toy Safety

Sex Toy 101 with Naughty Alice - The Best Sex Toys For Women

While most sex toys are considered safe, some of them contain harmful chemicals. Some of them are also porous, which means harmful bacteria can get into them even with standard cleaning practices.

Some porous materials also contain phthalates. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors and may cause cancer. They were banned from children’s toys a decade ago, but they are still used in some lower end sex toys. Any toy made with phthalates will be porous, but not all porous materials are made with phthalates.

Non Porous Sex Toys

Nonporous toys can be cleaned easily with soap and water, and many can be sterilized with boiling water as well. Nonporous materials include silicone, hard plastic, glass, metal, stone, wood, and crystal.


Silicone is a great material for sex toys. It’s flexible and soft, yet nonporous and very durable. It’s completely body-safe, and comfortable for beginners and experienced toy users alike. It’s a great option if you prefer a soft or flexible sex toy that is still nonporous and chemical free.

Hard Plastic

ABS plastic is nonporous as well. Not everyone likes the feel of hard plastic. It can create more noise when using a vibrator, but some people enjoy the more intense vibration that comes from the hard surface.

Some hard plastics can be porous, so be sure that your toy says ABS on it to ensure that it is nonporous. Plastic toys are generally the most inexpensive, and some of them are designed to be discreet.


Glass toys have a nice weight and smooth feel. They are also beautiful to look at. They hold temperatures well, making them ideal for temperature play. You don't’ want to get them too hot or cold, however, as it could cause damage to yourself or the toy.

They are very durable and contain completely body-safe, and they are very easy to clean as well. They make a great addition to any toy collection.


Metal is similar to glass. It’s great for temperature play, easy to maintain and very durable. Most metal toys are made of surgical grade stainless steel or aluminum. However, some high-end toys are actually made or plated with silver or gold.


While it’s usually not the first material that comes to mind, wood sex toys are safe and a natural alternative to man-made materials. It stands to reason to only use wooden sex toys that were manufactured for that purpose, however.


Stone or crystal sex toys can add a new dimension to playtime. In addition to being smooth, nonporous, and virtually indestructible, these materials are believed by many to carry special energies.

Rose quartz is particularly popular for crystal sex toys, because it is thought to have feminine energy that helps unlock your own emotions and passions. These are oftentimes known as yani sticks.

Warning Signs

There are some warning signs that your sex toy may not be safe. First, if it has a greasy residue or a strong chemical smell, it may contain toxic chemicals.

Second, toys that are extremely cheap should be approached with caution. Do a little extra research to be sure that it is made from safe materials and to quality standards before you purchase.

Sex toys can certainly enhance your sex life. Choosing the right safe materials is crucial for your safety and enjoyment, however.

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