PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT - Bedroom Products for Him & Her

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT - Bedroom Products for Him & Her

Bedroom Products® offers a premium collection of sex toys tailored specifically for men and curious couples. Sexy and sophisticated, the range of products includes male enhancement products, personal lubricants, sensual massage items, cock rings, stimulation serums, male masturbation toys, light bondage items, and travel-friendly vibrators.

Bedroom products climax arousal gel for women

Scientifically designed to enhance stimulation for her, this arousal gel is formulated to complement your talents.

Applied externally during foreplay or intercourse, CLIMAX will help her get in the mood, heighten existing sensations, and intensify female orgasms.

This kissable, vegan formula combines Vitamin E and natural flavours for an even sweeter ride.

Simple and effective, CLIMAX effortlessly invites an extra pop of pleasure to the experience...ensuring a very pleasant surprise for her.

Bedroom Products hard cock rings for men

The HARD super-stretch cock ring features a classic style, designed to amplify and maintain your erection.

The ergonomically-shaped ring fits comfortably around the base of the penis, behind the testicles.

Providing a snug and secure fit, blood flow is restricted giving you a fuller, harder feel during foreplay, sex, or solo play.

Perfect for c-ring beginners and well-seasoned pros, this erection ring is a staple for any nightstand.

bedroom products heat massage candles for couples

Bring some heat to the bedroom with a sensual massage candle.

The all-natural formula contains coconut oil and soy wax, which moisturizes the body while soothing achy muscles.

The candle warms, not burns, so the hand-poured wax is safe for sensual play while the zinc wick is lit.

The easy-to-pour spout provides a mess-free design and burn-free tin for 10-12 hours.

HEAT will set the mood for any romantic encounter; light it up and get lit.

bedroom products last male delay spray

LAST is a rapid-acting male delay spray, ideal for stamina control or any marathon romp in the sheets.

This odourless and colourless ejaculation spray contains a 100% vegan formula.

Each discreet bottle contains 36 sprays, helping you stay in the moment longer during intercourse or foreplay.

Feel free to experiment with orgasm control during solo masturbation, perfecting your ideal performance time.

Start with 1-2 sprays several minutes prior to action and go from there.

Avoid finishing fast with a few quick sprays of LAST.

bedroom products silky silicone lubricant for men and women

Indulge in a lube that feels like liquid silk, long-lasting so you don't have to continuously re-apply.

This SILKY silicone lubricant is formulated to withstand without evaporating and is ideal for non-vaginal sex and water play.

Silicone maintains a 'slippery' texture, providing comfort and ease during anal intercourse.

While silicone lubricants will not degrade latex condoms, they should not be paired with silicone sex toys.

This 100% vegan formula is made in the USA and is a must-have addition to any toy drawer.

Bedroom Products vibe bullet vibrators for women and men

The VIBE is a classic bullet vibrator design, perfect for an extra kick pleasure anywhere, anytime.

The velvety-soft touch feels great against the skin- testicles, nipples, clit, you name it.

This powerful bullet vibe is easily considered 'the gateway' sex toy, perfect for beginners and a staple for well-seasoned pros.

The discreet, wireless design easily fits in a pocket or purse, yet packs quite the punch.

Featuring a waterproof design and replaceable batteries, give your partner the gift of amplified pleasure with the push of a button.

Power this baby up, and let the good vibes roll.

Bedroom Products Stroke male stroker masturbator

STROKE is a discreetly-sized male pleasure sleeve with an ultra-plush texture, engineered to feature superior internal suction.

Intentionally designed with a uniquely-tapered internal structure; four realistically-ribbed suction channels mimic the feel of an intense oral sex session, one by one.

STROKE is ideal for use during masturbation, partner sex, or as an oral sex enhancer during blow jobs.

Enjoy intensified pleasure with a simple flick of the wrist with STROKE.

Bedroom Products Clean personal flushable wipes

Need a post-sex scrub, but have no time to hop in the tub?

Freshen up fast with CLEAN, discreet intimate wipes that provide a quick cleanse in a pinch.

The flushable wipes remove perspiration up, down and around the body, including the penis, testicles, underarms and feet.

Hypoallergenic and formulated for sensitive skin, enjoy a cooling sensation anywhere that can also be used to temporarily soothe inner thigh and underarm chafing.

Each box includes a 10-pack of pre-moistened wipes, specially-packaged for portability.

Easily stashed in any pocket, gym bag, or trunk, CLEAN wipes are the perfect remedy to hot, sweaty junk!