3 Shower Sex Positions for Good, Clean Fun

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3 Shower Sex Positions for Good, Clean Fun

When you imagine shower sex, it’s probably a scene from your favourite rom-com right? Hot and steamy, bodies moving together in a passionate embrace.

But, in reality, it's probably a little more awkward and way less polished. Water and mascara mixing down your cheeks, lots of soapy bits in a cramped shower stall and quite a bit of awkward laughter.

If you'd like to add a little hot and steamy to your shower scene, try these 3 positions:

The Ballerina

Think of this as a shower version of missionary, because it’s a great go-to front-facing position that still gets you hot-and-bothered.

With you and your partner both standing, hitch your leg around their hip, or prop one foot on the edge of the tub or shower stool (to keep things sturdy). From here, your partner can enter you, introduce a waterproof vibrator, or tease you with a detachable showerhead.

Oral Waterfall

That’s a pretty sexy name, right? When there’s not a lot of space to get creative, a little oral never fails.

For this position, stand and face the showerhead, or sit on a shower stool if you have one available. Your partner can kneel in front of you and please you with their mouth, adding fingers for extra fun, all while the warm shower water cascades over both of you.

Back to Basics

If penetration and the ultimate task of shower sex isn’t your thing, don’t worry,  there are other ways to enjoy a sexy shower moment with your partner, from scrubbing each other’s bodies to mutual masturbation.

Play with yourselves while kissing or watch each other masturbate. Stand behind your partner and reach around them for a steamy handjob with a silicone-based lubricant. Or if you’re feeling lazy, just have a steamy makeout session under the showerhead.

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